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Butt Enhancement Products..Do They Work?

How to get a bigger buttAs you are probably aware there are a lot of butt enhancement products on the market. Some products work and certain others don’t.

What has been found over the years is that when looking for butt enhancement products there are a few rules to determine whether they work or not. Here are those rules.

1. The most important thing is the ingredients

Adverts are clever things. Many of them show a girl with an incredible butt holding in her hand the butt enhancement product that worked for her. It’s glitzy and it appeals to our innermost desire. It urges us to run out and buy the cream, pill or lotion and all without checking the ingredients.How to get a bigger butt

The sad truth is that many of the butt enhancement products out there consist of placebos. Some are made with effective ingredients but just don’t contain enough of the ingredients to really make a difference.

Before listening to any of the claims made by a product, look up and check the ingredients. Do they contain herbs that are proven to be effective? Do they use the most potent ingredients and sufficient to actually make your butt bigger?

The truth is that the actual brand matters far less than the actual ingredients. Ignore all that stuff about a ‘Magic Formula’ or an ‘elixir from some exotic country.’

How to get a bigger buttRemember that the most powerful butt enhancement pills actually contain potent ingredients such as Bovine Ovary or Pueraria Mirifica or Maca.

2. The Company Behind The Product Matters

Companies that manufacture butt enhancement products are clever. The difference is that some are clever with what they put in their products, i.e. to actually make them work, and others are just very clever with their adverts

While the ingredients in a product are important, so is the company that makes them. When trying to to decide whether a product will work or not, it’s useful to find out a little about the company. How long have they been trading?  what is their customer service like? Do they have customer testimonials and lots of information to inspire faith in their products.

3. You Matter

One of the most important things to realize is that although certain butt enhancement products work, they often do not work by themselves. This means that in order for a pill or cream to be truly effective, you must do your bit as well.

As an example, Bovine Ovary works very well, but you need to do your part to raise your body temperature to at least 98.2 and eat sufficient protein to give your body the energy it needs. Without this little effort on your part, all the Bovine Ovary in the world will be useless to help you get a bigger butt.How to get a bigger butt

It’s the same with herbs. Know which herbs will work for you and which will react badly with you. Get to know your body a little and find out which herbs work for you. For example: If you decide to try phytoestrogenic herbs to get a bigger butt, but you know that fat stores too easily in your breasts, then you will need to supplement the phytoestrogenic herbs with some anti-prolactin herbs to keep the growth from going straight to your breasts.

Both watercress and L-tyrosine and anti-prolactins and will do very well.

Do some research into which herbs are most effective in butt enhancement and feed your butt accordingly

7 Responses to “Butt Enhancement Products..Do They Work?”

  1. Jennifer says:

    mmm…I agree that it doesn’t exists a magic pill or herb which can be the same for everybody. We all have different ways to react to substances and the best way is perhaps to do little isolated experiments (i.e. not trying everything at once as it would not be possible to see what works and what not! I learned this at my expenses as I used to do this before). For example Wild Yam cream works wonder on my breast after the 3 years of breast feeding, while a friend of mine tried the same and had not effect whatsoever. I am intrigued by new methods and always willing to give it a go after done some good research about it.
    I never heard of this bovine ovary before but I would like to give it a try…I will need to read more research as the only thing I would worry is any side effects it could potentially have on a woman hormonal balance…If you or any reader have more info on that please post it and I will be reading eagerly. Thanks!

  2. Taking supplements isn’t really what I like to do but I can see the benefit of these, if they work for me. I haven’t tried them so will look into it further, thanks.


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  6. denitra says:

    I really want to try this bovine ovary pills i hope it works for me

  7. Don says:

    Bovine ovary coupled with MACA and exercises worked on growing both breasts and buttocks. A diet high in protein, low in fat also helps a lot.

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