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How To Dress For A Bigger Butt

More and more women are wanting bigger butts. Most of them wish they had better and bigger derrieres to compliment the rest of their body. While there is surgery and butt implants for an instant boost, it can get very expensive and not many women are able to afford this type of surgery

Exercises and a healthy diet will make your butt bigger. However, this is not an instant fix as it can take some time before you start seeing good results

The way you dress can make a huge difference in the way your butt looks….and instantly! Some clothes can actually make your butt look bigger. So, if you are off to a party or a date where you want to look your best, here are some simple style tips to flaunt a better bigger butt.

Wear A GirdleHow to get a bigger butt

You can wear a girdle at any time with most clothes. What it will do is to start pushing all the excess fat from your tummy area to your hips. It will instantly suck in your tummy and make your bum look bigger. You should choose a good quality girdle and wear it as often as possible. It will give an excellent instant fix to uplift your butt.

Draw Attention To Your Waist

Wear a medium or large width belt around the tiniest part of your waist. These belts go best with loose blouses shirts and sweaters. For the best results use a dark belt with a light colored top. Make sure the top you are wearing does not have horizontal stripes or patterns, especially around the waist area. These patterns will highlight your tummy area and make this seem bigger. Go with solid colors, possibly darker shades. It will definitely make your butt look bigger.

Wear Proper Jeans and Pants

The right pair of jeans or trousers can transform your butt and make it look bigger and rounder. Next time you shop for a new pair of jeans, consider the following:

How to get a bigger butt and turn headsa) Remember, the tighter the better. Tight fitting jeans, jeggings and skinny jeans are the best for giving the impression of a bigger butt. Baggy or loose jeans will hide your curves and your butt.

b) Pocket placements are crucial. Make sure the pockets are small and high up. If the pockets have some stitching or other embellishments, this will work well as they draw the attention to your butt. Avoid pants with big pockets or no pockets at all.

c) Jeans with a high waist are also excellent for a bigger looking butt. Make sure the top of these jeans fits around the part of your waist that is the slimmest. This will make your waist look thinner and your butt bigger.

d) Wearing cargo pants or Bermuda shorts can also make your butt look bigger. They are a good investment if you don’t already have them.

e) Jodhpur cut pants are another good choice that can enhance the look of your butt and make it seem bigger.

f) Avoid dark colored jeans. Wear jeans that are pastel, white or light colors, especially blue.

g) Don’t wear pants or jeans that have flared bottoms. These will overpower your frame and make your bum seem smaller instead of bigger.

Select Skirts Carefully

Skirts are a great way to enhance the look of your butt. Your skirts should not be too tight or too loose. Too tight and they will flatten your butt. The best style is a skirt that cups your butt. If you cannot find one you can always ask your dressmaker to nio it in at the middle just below your butt.

a) Always try to wear pencil skirts. They tend to create beautiful curves and give your body a nice shape. However, if you are pear shaped, avoid these at all cost.

b) Straight skirts also work well in highlighting your butt and making it look bigger. These are the type that come straight down from your hips.

c) If you have toned legs, flaunt them with a short skirt. Short skirts naturally give the illusion of a bigger butt.How to get a bigger butt

d) Skirts made from shiny fabrics like satin, silk or taffeta do not work well.

e) A-line skirts should also be avoided as these too make your butt look smaller.

Dresses To Accentuate Your Derriere

dresses makde from jersey will cling to your curves. If you are worried about bulges then wear shapewear underneath. This way you will not have any bulges and will be able to flaunt your butt. When shopping and trying on dresses, pick those that replicate the pencil shape. you will notice the difference instantly.

Choose The Right Fabrics

For trousers, pants shorts or jeans try to get them in suede, velvet, corduroy of faux leather. All these fabrics give an illusion of a bigger butt when worn.

Wear The Proper Underwear

It may seem obvious but padded panties are actually designed to give your butt an instant lift and a better shape. Don’t wear granny panties with a really high waist. These will make your butt look saggy. Always choose panties that are hip hugging or low rise.

Wear High HeelsHow to get a bigger butt

To finish it all off, the kind of shoes you wear can also enhance your butt and make it seem bigger. Wearing high heels arches your lower back, thus giving your butt a firmer and better shape.

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  1. Jodie M says:

    Glad I’ve found this post by googling “how to dress to make your bum bigger”! I have unfortunately a very little -one would say “chinese style-flat” – butt, BUT it’s surprising how much a pair of jeans with very small pockets placed in the right spot, upward, can do: I realised that whenever I wear these jeans I always get compliments from guys at school and I can see that many of them look very surprised, like “hey, how did she get a bum’s enlargement overnight?”

    Next, I’m going to try the style of dresses you suggested and see what happens! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! 😉

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