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How To Get A Bigger Butt With Butt Enhancing Cream

Exercises to make bigger buttocksNo doubt you have already carried out some research into different ways to make your butt bigger and you will be aware of the many butt enhancing creams that have suddenly sprung onto the market. So, we will try to answer the question of how to get a bigger butt with butt enhancing cream by examining the different types and help you see whether this method is right for you.

Butt enhancing creams can be a more effective method than taking butt enhancing supplements. Supplements need to pass through your digestive system before they are fully absorbed into your body. This means that it is possible that some of the nutrients will be wasted.

This is not the case with creams. Because they are applied directly onto the skin, they are absorbed directly into the bloodstream, so making sure that you get the full benefit of the treatment.

Now this does not mean that butt enhancing supplements are not effective. It does mean, however, that the two treatment methods actually compliment each other and will produce better results when used together.

All the many creams now available promise to make your butt bigger. Their effectiveness however, is mostly related to their main active ingredient. These can be grouped into the three following types.

Oil Based Creams

Oils have always been a major ingredient in many creams because they can have a wide variety of positive effects on the body. In the case of butt enhancement, the treatment works because oil is mainly just fat and, if you apply it on your butt, it will get absorbed in that area and cause your butt to get biggerHow to get a bigger butt

However, there are a few downsides to using oil based creams. Firstly there are other ingredients available with a potential for better results. The main problem though is that using oil based creams needs to be an ongoing treatment for the results to be maintained.

All the time your body keeps absorbing fatty oils, such as fish oil, lavender oil etc., your butt will remain swollen and bigger than normal. Once you stop applying these creams to your butt however, all the extra fat will simply get absorbed and processed by your body and you will be back to where you started.

Creams With Voluplus

Voluplus, and its alternative Volufiline, are popular choices at the moment when it comes to butt enhancing creams. They show good results and are not temporary results. After a treatment using Voluplus you  should expect your butt to increase by up to 2 inches in size..

Voluplus and Volufiline are made from a combination of different plants and do not contain any kind of hormonal ingredients. they still are able to increase the fatty tissue production and enhance the size of your butt.

Creams Containing Pueraria Mirifica

ThHoe to get a bigger butte last of the three different types of cream are those containing Pueraria Mirifica. This is a plant which has gained recognition all around the world for its many uses. One of these uses is to increase breast and butt size. Pueraria Mirifica has an effect of the hormones, thus causing your body to produce more in certain areas leading to increased tissue development. This is all due to the phytoestrogens found in the plant which mimic the role played by estrogen in the human body.

So, as you can see, butt enhancing creams really can make your butt bigger although how much bigger depends on which active ingredient is in each particular product.

While a butt enhancement cream will help to add a few inches you should remember that it mainly adding fat and that to get that perfect look of a firmer rounded butt you will need to tone up the bulk with a good butt enhancing exercise program.

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  1. I never knew using creams could be so beneficial! I’m off to look for some now, thanks for the share.


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