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Get A Bigger Butt Instantly With Butt Lifting Garments

We know that waiting for those butt enhancing exercises and creams to start to show some obvious improvement can be frustrating for some women. There are many who want to get a bigger butt instantly. Well, now you can with specialized butt enhancement garments.

How to get a bigger buttButt lifters are specialized garments designed to raise and firm your buttocks. As our body ages we lose the natural elasticity in our skin and begin to lose important muscle tome. Butt lifters help the body to keep its natural definition and helps the muscles and skin retain its strength. Butt lifters worn under your clothes leave your bottoms and dresses fitting you the way they are supposed to. This enhanced rear view gives you the boost  of confidence and self esteem. Butt lifters come in five main garment styles with two different butt cheek designs.

It is recommended to buy a butt lifter over buying Padded Panties if you already have ample buttocks and just need a lift! You can also pair these Butt Lifting Undergarments with some Butt Lifting Jeans for an amazing silhouette!

We recommend Feel Foxy, a Texas based mail order company, who supply all manner of butt enhancers and shapewear products to women all over the world looking to boost their derrieres. Their clientele includes women of all ages from 18 -81, and from all around the world who all have the desire to improve their confidence along with their figure.

Feel Foxy delivers just that, with a wide array of buttock enhancing products, shapewear, clothing, intimate apparel including plus sizes.

Feel Foxy deveolped from one woman’s desire to have a well rounded and ample derriere. After the birth of her children she realized that her once perky and round backside had become quite flat and a little droopy.

So, in 2004 she began to trade with just one product, the now famous ‘Bikini Butt Bra.’ With this one product the Feel Foxy founder realized that lots of women desire fuller and curvier butts especially since the rising popularity of celebrities such as JLo and Beyonce.

Feel Foxy began to expand their range of products almost right away, with several more figure enhancing designs, and quickly became an industry leader. Feel Foxy still remains true to their original mission, to help women look and feel more confident in their clothes.

The response has been incredible, with abundant thanks from clients worldwide who are delighted with the collection of quality butt How to get a bigger buttenhancing products available.

Feel Foxy’s contented and international clientele includes actresses, medical patients, cosmetic surgeons, showgirls and women of every type of background. A quick glance at the product reviews shows the reason for their very happy customers.

Feel Foxy’s clients simply love love the way the garments fit and lifts the butt and are delighted with the fast shipping, quality of the material and the friendly customer service.

You can see for yourself that Feel Foxy has something for everyone. You can see the whole range at their official website, or read on for a sample of their most popular items here:

Silicone Padded PantyHow to get a bigger butt

You may have seen this on tv and it is the one to try if you want the all natural look and feel of a really fabulous booty. It features soft silicone gel inserts, that actually stay right in place, and can add up to three centimeters to your butt. They look so natural that everyone will notice your sexy and curvaceous figure. You can count on the silicone padded panty to look good under your favorite jeans or skirt and more importantly to feel comfortable while making you look your best.

Butt Lift JeansHow to get a bigger butt

These are available in a multitude of styles, colors and sizes. These amazing jeans sculpt, shape, form and mold your buttocks and deliver an incredible fit for every body. Not only do they amplify your cheeks, they also hug your hips and thighs in soft, stretchydenim/spandex for a comfortable fit. Ideal for the butt-challenged, or just to give you the look you dream of.

Formed Butt Enhancer

How to get a bigger buttThis butt enhancer is a client favorite. The foam padding is built in, molded and formed to give you the butt you’ve always dreamed of, ample, round and attention getting. This is the perfect enhancer to augment your sexy feminine silhouette.

Clasica Waist Cincher

This waist cincher sensually shapes your figure into the hourglass silhouette you seek. this body shaper tones and controls asHow to get a bigger butt promised helping your posture and giving you the desired confidence and sex appeal. The Latex Waist Cincher holds everything in its proper place and can reduce your waist size in as little as four weeks through compression and resistance built into the super soft cotton.

These are just a few of the butt and body enhancing products available at Feel Foxy.

From the many happy clients, the team at feel Foxy still holds fast to their philosophy, to treat customers with honesty, respect and kindness while delivering the highest quality and performance products at the best prices available anywhere. Customer service is second to none at Feel Foxy and returns are accepted for virtually any reason within 30 days of purchase.

We highly recommend you take a long look at the Feel Foxy range by clicking here.

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