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How do celebrities win the fight against cellulite?

While most celebrity photographs would have us believe that somehow they missed the genes that handed out dimply thighs, sometimes spontaneous shots which catch them off their guard reveal more of the truth than they’d like exposed. As over 80% of females will develop cellulite at some point in their life, it stands to reason that even celebrities are not exempt. But how do they manage to show off smooth, sleek thighs and butts, when the rest of us seem to be fighting a constant battle against the dreaded orange peel skin?

A regular regime of diet and exercise
Well, down to basics. A celebrity’s body is their livelihood, so they have what it takes to follow a strict diet and exercise regime. Whether they choose Dr Murad’s program of eating foods which contain antioxidants, lecithin and amino acids, or they subject themselves to regular strength training and high intensity interval training as advocated by celebrity trainers, there’s one thing for sure, their motivation to stay in shape is high.

Specially formulated cellulite serums

Most celebrities with cellulite will also have a backup plan and will try all kinds of cellulite treatments in a bid to banish their cottage cheese skin. Many of these treatments have been specially formulated using a range of organic botanical ingredients which are claimed to help to reduce inflammation, expel extra fluid from the cells and smooth and condition the skin to boot. Many celebrities, such as Nicole Scherzinger, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Pamela Anderson swear by a serum which, using the latest plant stem cell technology, has been developed with organic ingredients from the Greek Islands and claims to rejuvenate the skin giving it a much younger, firmer and smoother appearance.

Lasers, radiofrequency and infra red light cellulite therapies
While serums and creams can have a beneficial effect on the skin, other celebrity cellulite sufferers have taken their cellulite busting regime one step further by incorporating some of the latest laser treatments to break down the fibrous bonds which cause the skin to pucker. Other technological treatments are also available which use radio frequency energy to zap and shrink the fat cells. In addition, many celebrities opt for a cellulite treatment which incorporates a combination of three cellulite busting technologies, using infrared light, radio frequency energy and mechanical vacuum massage to shrink the errant fat cells and smooth the covering skin.

As you can see, while celebrities may have cellulite just like us, they’re often more disciplined in their approach to reducing its appearance. So if you want to keep your butt and thighs peachy smooth, you’ll just have to bite the bullet and follow their example, or go ahead and view our Cellulite Archive for more tips and tricks – Get rid of cellulite

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