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How To Get A Bigger Butt By Exercise & Food

How to get a bigger buttA well rounded butt is a great asset for any woman. It will do a lot for her body shape and will make a nice pair of pants or a sexy dress look even sexier. Both men and women are attracted to well shaped booties so a great looking butt might be the best thing you can do to improve your sex appeal.

Your course of action will depend on how much rounder and bigger you want it. There are a few things you can do to answer the question of how to get a bigger butt and to make your butt rounder.

The first thing to consider is exercise. Get your butt off the sofa and make it move. Run, walk, jump, ride a bicycle, climb a hill, anything that gets you moving is a good idea as it will put your buttocks to work. The buttocks consist of muscle and fat and will, therefore, respond very well to exercise. we use them whenever we move so get started right away.

Some activities are particularly effective as a lot of work is done by the buttocks. Among the best are rollerblading, kickboxing and racket sports such as tennis and squash.How to get a bigger butt

For the best results though, you should do exercises that particularly work the buttocks. Examples of these are lunges, bridges, sideway leg raises, squats and step ups. These are all simple but very effective exercises that require no equipment and can be done anywhere and at anytime. It won’t cost you a penny either.

Ok, exercises are great for making your butt rounder, but what if you want more than that? What if you want a really big and rounded booty? One that people cannot help but notice. So what’s the answer on how to get a bigger butt?  Well, if this is the case then you will need to put some fat on your butt as well.

how to get a bigger buttIn order to do that, you can’t just start eating junk food and expect it to end up on your booty. Eating junk food will put fat everywhere on your body as well as making you unhealthy. So eat good natural foods such as meat, fish, fruit, vegetables and cereals.

To put fat on your butt, try eating nuts and also fatty fish like salmon. You can also take fish oil. the reason this will work is because the nuts, fish and fish oil all contain Omega 3 and other fatty acids which will be stored in your lower back thus, fattening up, your butt. Drinking milk is also good for ‘fattening up’ your butt so drink a few glasses of milk a day.How to get a bigger butt

The diet together with the exercises should soon make your butt rounder and sexier.

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