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Unusual Home Remedies for Cold Sores

Are you one who suffers from recurrent cold sore breakouts and searching for some home remedies for cold sores? Are you like me and would much rather go the natural remedies route?

You start feeling that all too familiar tingling and burning sensation, you look in the mirror and yikes, there it is! That cold sore is painfully ugly! You are so embarrassed and you know that you are very contagious. Your trying to think back, okay who and what have I touched with my lips.

You may wonder what, exactly, this has to do with getting a better bigger butt.  Well, some of the creams and potions can play havoc with your hormone balance and while helping to increase your booty can cause other skin problems. Cold sores do not only appear on your face but can spring up anywhere,  even on your butt,  so we thought a quick article explaining ways to get rid of them would be appropriate.

How to Stop Cold Sores

I have discovered some home remedies and I will share a couple with you. But first do the obvious. Use paper towels to wipe hands and face with so you can throw it away immediately after use. As soon as the sore heals get a new tooth brush. Use as many disposable hygiene products as possible. You have to really think about what you’re doing and be proactive since cold sores are extremely contagious.
Okay let’s get to some cold sore natural remedies shall we.

Aloe Vera juice:

Used for centuries for healing and all sorts of medical purposes. It’s known to bring down inflammation and a cooling relief. An Aloe Vera plant is best because it’s pure juice, just break off a piece and rub juice gently on sore with a swab. If you don`t have a plant purchase some pure high quality aloe at your health food store.

Ice Cube:

This is short term relief but gently rub an ice cube on the cold sore to numb it.

Licorice Root:

This root contains an acid that is believed to block virus growth. You can make a paste out of it and apply a few times a day or ingest it. If you purchase licorice root for ingestion make sure it contains licorice mass and don`t take more than 100 ml a day doctors say.

Iceberg Lettuce:

Who knew, right!? It actually contains a low arginine source of herpes fighting lysine. It inhibits the metabolism of arginine which is an acid that helps the virus replicate. So eat your salad!

B -12:

This helps support your nervous system. Many people use B-12 to help keep stress levels down. In between cold sore flare-ups the HSV1 lays dormant in the nerves so you can see how this might be beneficial.

Truth Revealed About Getting Rid of Cold Sores

These are just a few cold sore natural remedies that may help you get rid of cold sores. You can find some great resources at . Want ways to get rid of cold sore forever, check out our resource.

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